AW 22/23

The designer of NUBU, Judit Garam chose sculptor Menyhért Szabó as the inspiring artist for her 2022/23 fall-winter collection. The main theme of the collection was creating a harmonious balance between symmetry and asymmetry.
Judit Garam always strives to create harmony and aesthetics, so that the Zen philosophy can become part of our everyday life, both in tailoring solutions and in the final development of the details of the collection. The classic style is harmonized with forward-looking design in an abstract way, with asymmetric solutions. Some pieces of the collection can be transformed into new silhouettes with openable, removable parts, zippers, and patents, thus turning symmetry into asymmetry. For the autumn-winter season, distinctive, high-quality materials appear in the collection, striving for sustainability and environmental awareness, the pieces are made up of different natural materials, several types of woolen fabrics, recycled orkan taffeta, and recycled artificial fur.


In addition to the monochromatic use of colors characteristic of the NUBU brand, the shades of eternal black, white and gray, bright colors such as different versions of purple, blue and orange are now appearing, which are also present in the sculptor's works. The colors brought to life on smaller surfaces thus form a fine overall picture with the monochrome colors. The sculptures will be presented both on the catwalk and in the NUBU Zen store on Andrássy út. The artist's sculptures greatly influenced the designer Judit Garam, in this way, abstract faces and torsos from silk material appear on the clothes with delicately stitched and sewn appliqués.

The central theme of Menyhért Szabó's sculptures is the human figure and face. The artist reinterprets his classicizing themes with an exciting approach, language of form and choice of materials. Experimenting with the sculptural use of thin rubber shells, he creates oversized, idealized portraits, the end result of which is a direct distortion of perfection.


The collection is available in limited numbers at our flagship stores!