„NU+BU means love. In the Urban Dictionary it is described as the new, improved, stronger and loving relationship between two individuals (NU+BU).“

NUBU embodies the inner harmony of the sophisticated urban woman & man, combining comfort and function, minimalistic cuts, graceful femininity and ethereal elegance. The seasonal collections of the brand show beautiful consistency, an enduringly subtle, classic urban style, discreet luxury and soft colors. As firm believers of slow design, the designers of NUBU aim at contributing to the birth of designer pieces made of local and regional materials, with the help of local professionals and local workforce. Sustainability, efficiency, distinctiveness and durability are key to every piece, taking local art into account both as a source of inspiration and as an important consideration for the design outcome. 

Since NUBU was founded, its designers have been striving to ease the wearer’s life and make it special by designing comfortable yet unique clothes and accessories in their seasonal collection. The quest to find innerpeace includes feeling good in our own bodies, and NUBU pieces help us with that. 

The aim of Zen philosophy is experiencing reality directly, when we live in the moment. This means the sensing of the original, universal unity – anyone who can do this will get closer to enlightenment. Even on busy days, we have to pursue finding our inner peace, our inner focus.

„Art means inspiration.“